A new leadership & meta-skills programme

for every young person in Scotland

The GenZ Leaders Vision

We are going to equip the next generation of young people to follow their passions and dreams, not ours. To enable 290,000 secondary school pupils to create 290,000 new projects that will change the world. To enable them to be job creators not just employees.

Our vision is for the long term, to support a new generation with the leadership skills and decision-making ability to follow their hearts and create the future. To help them deal with the complexity of a world that still faces enormous challenges in poverty, equality, diversity, the economy and social justice.

It’s a project supported by our ability as a foundation to invest for the long term and measure success in the same timescale.

The only return on our investment that we require is the success of this next generation of young people. To know that we have helped to create the best leaders in the world in the best small country in the world.

Our ambition

  • So we’re creating GenZ Leaders, as a development programme for 25 schools (around 20,000) young people and then from 2023 as a programme for every young person in Scotland.

  • We’re thinking and investing big, with a budget of over £1.5m, half from the Foundation and half from other funders, to enable us to realise this ambition.
  • The programme will provide online lessons, learning materials and assessments for S1-S6 and a formal leadership qualification and virtual skills portfolio available to every young person in Scotland.

Our aim

  • We know that Scotland faces big challenges in ensuring that all our school leavers go to a great destination, that the attainment gap is closed, and that our young people have the resilience and the meta-skills to be successful.
  • These are the three big targets that we want to help our schools to hit for every single young person.
  • We know that we need to prove the value and impact of the programme on our big targets as we go, and we’ll do that via an independent evaluation that will tell schools why they should invest in us after 2023.

Our ambition

  • We’ll put great people in place to deliver the programme and to be inspirational partners for our schools. People whose passion for education and leadership will shine through the programme and make it the best it can be.
  • Those people will build the GenZ Leaders Community, a place where young leaders can not only collaborate, learn and do, but also interact with Scotland’s inspirational leaders through events, rewards and experiences delivered by a wide range of partners.
  • They’ll also build the GenZ Leaders Educators Network to help our teachers develop their leadership skills and collaborate to make sure the best materials get to all our young people.

Every life is worthy and every life is capable of greatness.

We have an obligation to make sure that opportunity for greatness is there.

Condoleezza Rice

How can you get involved?

If you want us to help you ensure that all our school leavers go to a great destination, that the attainment gap is closed, and that our young people have the resilience and the meta-skills to be successful, we want to meet with you.

  • We are looking for commitments from Funders.
  • We are looking for schools and Local Authorities to be our development partners.

Elizabeth-Anne Collier

Project Coordinator , Gen Z Leaders  elizabeth-anne.collier@petervardy.com 

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